In Gumbald's Cabin Edit

"May I fetch you some tea, your highness?", asks Peppermint Butler.

"You don't have to call me 'your highness' anymore, Pep But.", sighs Princess Bubblegum. "And...done! This will prove to the Candy People that they need me! This machine can sense danger from a bazillion miles away! Which gives more than enough time to prepare our defenses!"

"Nicely done, Princess. The candy people will no longer root for the so-called King of Ooo."


Princess Bubblegum holds the machine in the air. "Our first warning signal! It works! It works! Take that, King of Ooo! Muahahahaha!"

At the Candy Kingdom...Edit

"Attention citizens of the Candy Kingdom! I, Bonnibel Bubblegum have created 'The Danger Preventer 3000! As you can see it is beeping. This means there is danger nearby! We must take all necessary precautions!", Princess Bubblegum announces.

"Now, what kind of danger are we talking about, here? How do we know if that little box is right?", asks the King of Ooo. "I assure you, my fellow citizens: there is absolutely nothing to worry about." He steps onto the stage.

"King of Ooo, don't you want the Candy People to be safe?! This machine could save all of Ooo from major destruction and you just wanna ignore it?!"

"Now, Bonnibel! Don't be ridiculous! Of course I want my citizens to be safe!" He then kisses a baby gumdrop.

"Maybe it doesn't work. But at least we'll be safe! Isn't that something?! Wouldn't you rather be safe than risk a slight possibility of death?!"

The crowd whispers violently.

"Simmer down, simmer down. Let's leave it to the citizens, shall we? All those in favor of taking precautions, step onto the stage. All those in favor of moving on with their lives, go back home." Mr. Cupcake, Colonel Candy Corn, Cinnamon Bun and Manfried step onto the stage. Tree Trunks and the rest leave.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a kingdom to run." He smirks then leaves.

In the Candy Castle dungeonEdit

"Have you found me a host body yet?", asks the Lich.

"Not yet, my master. But I believe I have found the perfect man for the job", answers the King of Ooo. He holds a picture of Ice King.

"That nut-job?! He couldn't possibly do!"

"Don't let him fool you. If you possess his soul, you will have the ability to control snow and ice in addition to your own evil powers, my lord."

"Very well. Get him to me now!"

"Will do, my lord."

At the Ice KingdomEdit

Night falls as a dark shadow walks up to Ice King's castle. "Wenk! Wenk!", screams Gunter. King of Ooo pushes her away.

"Huh? Who's there? Is it a Princess? Oh. Hey King of Ooo! What's up?" King of Ooo duct-tapes Ice King's mouth and carries him in a bag."Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!!!!"

At Finn and Jake's Tree FortEdit


"Coming!", yells Jake. He opens the door. "Oh. Hey, PB. Finn! Princess Bubblegum's here!"

"Hi Jake. Can I come in?"


"What's up, PB?", says Finn.

"This morning, I made a machine that could detect danger anywhere in Ooo. Now it's beeping like crazy! According to the description, the Lich is near. Luckily, when nobody was looking, I placed surveillance cameras all over Ooo and I can see everything from this monitor. I'm gonna need your help to stop him."

"What can I do to help?"

"You won't be able to do it alone so I've recruited some people to help you: Cinnamon Bun, Manfried and Colonel Candy Corn have agreed to help. Now, let's see where the Lich is hiding." She places the monitor on the table.

"Hey! That's the Candy Kingdom dungeon! Why would the Lich be hiding there? Unless... You don't think..."

"King of Ooo! I knew it! I just knew there was something wrong with that kingdom-stealing jerk!"

"Before you get too excited, you might want to see this."

"Ice King?! What's he doing there? And why is he all chained up?"

"Let me go! Let me go! I'll do anything just let me go!(sob sob sob)", Ice King cries.

"Silence!", the Lich screams. He possesses his soul and breaks free of the chains. "Muahahahaha!"


"We've got to stop him!", declares Finn. "But, how?"

"There's one more person who might be able to help us."

"You don't mean..."



"We have no choice, Finn."

"Let's do this thing!", screams Jake, "Come on, Beemo! Hop on guys!" He becomes larger. The team sits on his back. "Here we go!" Jake starts running.

"Hey, guys I totally heard everything you said. Mind if I join?", asks Marceline.

"Not at all.", PB answers and smiles at her.

At the Fire KingdomEdit

"Whoa. This guy seems pretty hard to beat. Count me in.", says Flame Princess. "But on one condition: Finn can't try to win me back."

"Come on, FP! I told you I was sorry! It wasn't my fault! Please, you've got to listen to me!"

"Sorry to interrupt but shouldn't we be trying to save everybody and not arguing?"

Finn turns around. "I agree. Arguing is not going to save anyone. Let's move."

"Wait. We need a game plan. And I've got an idea. The Lich will be in the Dungeon of Doom, the biggest, toughest dungeon of them all. Cinnamon Bun, you go with Pep But. Manfried, you go with Colonel Candy Corn. I'll go with Flame Princess. And Jake, you'll go with Finn. There's a very sophisticated tunnel system in there so each pair will go in one tunnel. The tunnels meet up in a few places but don't count on it. At the end, all the tunnels meet up again and the Lich will be there growing stronger by the second. We won't have much time, the Lich will get stronger and stronger until he is strong enough to destroy THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Are you with me?" Everyone nods. "Let's do this."

Back to the Candy Castle DungeonEdit

"Let me go! I thought we were cool, K.O.O.(King of Ooo)", Ice King exclaims.

"Well, circumstances have changed that. You may begin to possess his soul, my lord."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-" The Lich possesses Ice King. "Perfect. Muahahahaha! Bow down to me!"

King of Ooo bows down.

"We must hurry to the dungeon and install the gem tower so you may begin to freeze the universe!"

At the dungeonEdit

"I don't see a door.", says Jake. A statue of a snake rises from the ground.

"To enter this dungeon, you must answer the following riddle: What follows you everywhere during the day but disappears at night?", the statue says. Everybody starts thinking.

"I got it. A shadow.", PB says. The statue opens a hole that leads into the ground. "Bingo." The heroes move into the hole.

"Whoa, P-Bubs, you were right. This is a sophisticated tunnel system.", Finn says.

Everyone splits into their assigned pairs and enters separate tunnels.

"Hey Jake, can I ask you something?", asks Finn.

"Sure, homie."

"Do you think FP did a good thing by ending our relationship?"

Jake sighs. "Look Finn, not all relationships are meant to be. If Glob wants you to be together, he'll make it happen. I'm sure FP will snap out of it sooner or later. She just needs time to reflect."

"Glob is dead..."(mumbling)

"Hey look! Two holes!"

"Let's check 'em out!" Finn goes in one whole and Jake goes in the other. "Whoooooaaaaa! Jake help!" He falls in.

"Finn?! I'm coming bro!" Jake stretches out of his hole and tries to save Finn but the hole disappeared.



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