Note: Only administrators, bureaucrats and the founder may edit this page. Please read this before editing. Not following the policies may result in getting your account blocked (number of days is decided by an admin, bureaucrat or the founder).


  • Before editing another user's fan fiction, ask them for permission on their Message Wall.
  • When writing a fan fiction, your username must be in the title. Example: Frogs by (username)
  • DO NOT impersonate another user(do not write another user's name in the title).
  • Sign every fan fiction. Example: Written by: RandomGuy123 Edited by: RandomDude456, RandomPerson789, RandomGirl000.
  • Swearing in fan fictions WILL NOT be tolerated.


  • Blogs can be used for anything BUT fan fictions. Fan fictions should be on their own pages.
  • It is preferred that there is no swearing in blogs or comments.


  • In the chat you may do whatever you'd like EXCEPT for the following:
  • Offensive content (includes put downs, bullying and insults)
  • Swearing (does not include piss, crap and shit, includes ex**ple)
  • No talk about sexual affairs or drugs

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