This is a fan fiction. None of it is real except for its characters and locations. Please ask author before editing.

Part OneEdit

    At the Fire Kingdom...

"I told you Finn, I don't think I'm ready to be in a relationship yet!", explains Flame Princess. Cinnamon Bun hands out burnt cookies. Finn frowns and takes a bite out of the cookie. "Thanks, CB.", Finn sighs. "Well, I should get going. See ya later, I guess." Finn leaves the room and closes the door behind him. "So, how did it go?", Jake asked smiling to full length. "Yes. How did it go?", asked BMO with the same smile. "I don't wanna talk about it.", Finn answers as they start walking to the tree fort. "Would slaying an evil monster make you feel better?", Jake asks. Finn moans. "What about playing videogames?", BMO asks excitedly. Finn moans even louder now. "Uh, guys?", Finn asks. They both turn around, "Can I have some private time?." "Alright bro, but be back by bath time!", Jake yells as Finn walks away.

    30 seconds later...

Finn sings a song about Flame Princess. Later Princess Bubblegum walks by without Finn noticing. PB follows Finn. Finn sits on a fallen tree and thinks. PB sneaks up on Finn. Finn does his high-pitched scream. "I see you're having problems with Flame Princess, huh?", Princess Bubblegum asks. Finn sighs. "If you want to be in a relationship with her again you should tell her how you feel and find a way to prove it to her; show her what she means to you." "You know what, PB? Yeah! I'm gonna find a way to prove my affections toward her! YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!", Finn screams as he walks away while holding up his fists.

Part TwoEdit

    Back at the Fire Kingdom...

"Oh Cinnamon Bun, what should I do? I want to get back together with Finn but he really hurt me. I'm not sure I'm ready to take that risk.", sighs Flame Princess. "I think you should talk to him!", exclaims CB, "You've been so sad since you broke up!" "I know, I know! but he...he BETRAYED ME!", FP runs away shedding tears of fire. TO BE CONTINUED...

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Written by: --Finn&JakeHero425 (talk) 19:58, September 7, 2015 (UTC)

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